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What Is Oral-Conscious Sedation Dentistry?

Patient experiences at the dentist are now more comfortable than ever, thanks to minimally invasive techniques and innovative technologies. However, even with more pleasant dental procedures, some patients still remain anxious about dental care and even avoid trips to the dentist out of fear. Our caring team at Made Ya Smile Dental in Sugar Land, TX offers oral-conscious sedation to take the worry out of dental visits and help patients get the care needed for a brilliant and healthy smile. Oral-conscious sedation is a mild to moderate anti-anxiety medication that is taken by mouth an hour before you are set to arrive at our office. Using this form of sedation dentistry can help you overcome the fear that may be keeping you from getting much-needed treatment for your dental health. Learn more about oral-conscious sedation by scheduling a visit with our dentists, and let our caring team help you enjoy the benefits only a healthy smile can deliver.

Is Oral-Conscious Sedation Right for Me?

Patients who have treatment needs but are fearful of receiving dental care due to childhood experiences, a strong gag reflex, or other concerns may benefit from oral conscious sedation. This form of twilight sedation can be mild or moderate to meet the individual needs of each patient, whether simple procedures or multiple types of treatment are being performed. Oral sedation utilizes a range of prescription anti-anxiety medications that can be recommended by our dentists to elicit varying degrees of sedation. Though you will technically stay awake when under oral sedation, some medications may simply allow you to feel relaxed while others may make you feel sleepy. Even if you do fall asleep during your procedure, you will still be easily awakened and able to follow our directions. To learn if oral-conscious sedation is right for you, we will review your medical history and any medications or supplements you are taking. Our dentists will then call in a prescription for the type of sedative medication that best meets your treatment needs and level of anxiety. Oral sedation may be contraindicated if you have an allergy to benzodiazepine medications, respiratory or heart illnesses, or are pregnant.

How Does Oral-Conscious Sedation Work?

The effects of oral-conscious sedation can be tailored to your health and anti-anxiety needs by our team. Some medication delivers a minimal dose while others provide a deeper level of sedation. Our dentists will prescribe the ideal sedation medication based on your extent of anxiety or fear, your overall health, and the type of procedure that you will be receiving. We will contact your preferred pharmacy to call in your prescription, which should be taken an hour before your appointment begins. As the medication is absorbed into your system, you will begin to feel calm and relaxed, and possibly sleepy. You may even have limited memory of the details surrounding your procedure. If you fall asleep in the dental chair, you should be easy to awaken at the end of the procedure. When receiving oral-conscious sedation, you will require an adult to accompany you to your visit and also drive you home.

What to Expect After Oral Sedation

During your treatment consultation, our dentists will let you know the type of medication best to help you enjoy a comfortable and stress-free visit. We will discuss how the sedation will affect you, what to expect, and let you know of any possible side effects that you may experience. The recovery phase following oral sedation will vary among patients as certain medications may carry light sedation or cause deeper effects. Regardless of the type of oral-conscious sedation you receive, however, it is still important that you have someone drive you home after your visit. You should also avoid driving a car or operating heavy machinery for the remainder of the day as some of the sedative effects may linger for several hours after your appointment. Anti-anxiety medications may cause effects, like nausea, dizziness, headaches, and vomiting. To reduce the chance of feeling nauseous when taking anti-anxiety medication, we suggest eating a light meal prior to your visit and a small snack about an hour after you leave our office. Please contact our Sugar Land, TX team right away if you have side effects that do not dissipate or any questions or concerns about your treatment with oral-conscious sedation.

Does Insurance Cover Sedation Dentistry?

A member of our business team will contact your insurance provider to learn if oral-conscious sedation is a covered benefit. Made Ya Smile Dental accepts several convenient payment options, including low-cost plans through CareCredit®, to allow you to cover the cost of your care in a way that matches both your budget and oral health needs. Ask our team today about our easy payment solutions.

Calm Dental Fear and Anxiety

If dental anxiety is standing in your way of enjoying a beautiful and healthy smile, oral-conscious sedation may be exactly what you need to overcome your fear of the dentist. Our caring dentists and team are known for offering exceptional dental services in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Even those who are most fearful of the dentist can feel comfortable and well-cared for at our modern Sugar Land, TX family practice. Whether you have simple or extensive dental concerns, we invite you to schedule a visit at Made Ya Smile Dental and learn if oral-conscious sedation is your solution to better dental health.

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