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What Are Metal Braces?

Straightening the teeth and aligning the bite through braces can improve both appearance and the long-term health of the smile. As a proven and effective method for correcting orthodontic issues in children, teens, and adults, traditional metal braces are now made from lighter weight materials and are more comfortable than ever. Made Ya Smile Dental offers full-service orthodontics in all phases, including traditional brackets and wire systems to reposition teeth for better biting function. We customize orthodontic care to meet the functional and aesthetic concerns of each individual patient.

Metal braces have come a long way over the years, and wearing these orthodontic appliances is a more enjoyable experience than in years past. For a fun treatment process, your rubber bands and orthodontic ties can be customized in a range of colors or in your favorite team colors to show your spirit. Traditional braces from our specialized team are ideal for a wide range of patients, including those who are not good candidates for clear aligners and offer a convenient and affordable tooth straightening option. To learn if you or your child need orthodontic treatment, contact our Sugar Land, TX practice to schedule a visit with our dentists.

What Are the Benefits of Traditional Metal Braces?

At Made Ya Smile, conventional metal braces provide several benefits for Sugar Land, TX patients who wish to achieve a straighter smile. Some of the most common benefits of metal braces include:

  • Designed with strong and durable materials
  • Suitable for all ages, from children to adults
  • Can address more complex cases that may not be ideal for other treatments
  • More cost-efficient compared to alternative orthodontic options
  • Straightforward and dependable technique for attaining a straighter and more attractive smile
  • Can work for improving a large range of smile concerns, including spaces, misaligned teeth, overcrowding, and others

Who Is a Candidate for Traditional Metal Braces?

The process of wearing traditional metal braces effectively moves the teeth through the brackets, bands, and wires. These orthodontic appliances work together to apply gentle force on the teeth and guide them into proper positions within the jaw. Our team plans each individual orthodontic treatment to meet specific needs and provide the best possible outcomes for improving your ability to eat and speak comfortably while enhancing the overall comfort and the appearance of the smile. To provide orthodontic care and create a straight and healthy smile with traditional braces, we strategically place top-quality metal brackets, archwires, and bands on the teeth and change out these appliances as needed to complete care.

Traditional metal braces may be ideal for younger children (including those who require phased care), teenagers, and adults with a range of orthodontic problems. These concerns may include overbite, underbite, crossbite, or openbite. Cases of crooked, rotated, crowded, or gapped teeth can also be corrected with metal braces. Even protruding or tipped teeth can be brought into proper alignment with braces. Whatever your family's needs may be, our skilled team is ready to help you gain a healthy, straight, and attractive smile.

How Are Braces Applied?

During your orthodontic treatment consultation, our Made Ya Smile Dental team will take advanced 3D images and digital x-rays of your head, jawbone, and teeth and take impressions of your mouth. Gathering this information will allow our team to better understand how your teeth fit together and your overall treatment needs and plan the best outcome for your smile by guiding the proper movement of your teeth. When you are ready to receive your braces, our team will clean the surfaces of your teeth and attach your brackets to your teeth using a tooth-colored or clear bonding agent. A metal wire will be threaded through the brackets around your arch and held in place by colored elastic ties. Following the placement of your metal braces, we will schedule you to come in at regular monthly intervals for our team to monitor your tooth alignment and change out your archwires as needed to move your teeth as planned.

What Can I Expect During the Braces Treatment Process?

You may notice minor soreness in the teeth and jaw for a few days after your wires are changed. Nonprescription pain medications and sticking to a soft food diet can provide some relief during this time. By nature, the metal wires, bands, and brackets tend to collect plaque and food so keeping up with thorough home care will be essential to maintaining teeth and gum health. Biannual cleaning and exam visits at Made Ya Smile Dental will also be important in helping your smile stay healthy during the orthodontic treatment process. We will show you the best way to brush and floss around your brackets and wires and will recommend that you do so after every meal. Additional products may be suggested to help you care for your mouth in the best possible way while wearing traditional metal braces.

The time spent wearing braces is different for each patient. On average, treatment times range from 1 – 3 years. Throughout your care, our team will continue to evaluate your progress and let you know an estimated time on how long your treatment will last and when you might have your braces removed. Once your teeth have arrived at their proper position, we will remove your brackets, wires, and bands from your teeth and take new impressions of your upper and lower arches so that we can make your retainer. Wearing your retainer as recommended by our team is imperative to keeping your teeth in their new and proper position and can allow you to enjoy your straight and beautiful smile for many years to come.


When undergoing treatment with braces, there may be times when your wires, elastic ties, and even brackets come unattached from your teeth. To reduce the chances of this happening, it is best to avoid eating sticky, hard, or crunchy foods. Get in touch with our team right away if you or a family member has an emergency with your braces, and we will work to get you in to see us as quickly as possible. Until then, you can try some of the following techniques to manage your orthodontic concern:

Loose Band or Bracket: Any loose bands or brackets that are still attached to the wire can be left in place until you can get in to see our team. You can stabilize it with orthodontic wax or sugar-free gum if it causes discomfort.

Loose Wire: If a wire becomes loose, you can use a Q-tip, tweezers, or a pencil eraser to gently guide to back into place. When this is not possible, you can cover the end of the wire with orthodontic wax or sugar-free gum and use nail clippers or wire cutters cleaned with alcohol to clip it right behind the tooth to which it is attached.

Loose Appliance: Space maintainers, palatal expanders, or other orthodontic appliances that become loose should be reattached to the teeth as quickly as possible. These appliances can be held in place by orthodontic wax until you arrive at our office for care.

Sharp or Poking Archwire: Sometimes wires may come loose or break and irritate the cheeks, tongue, gums, or lips. Orthodontic wax or sugar-free gum can be used to cover the sharp or broken end. You can also use nail clippers or wire cutters cleaned with alcohol to cut the wire just behind the tooth it is attached to.

Jaw or Tooth Discomfort: It is normal to have some tooth or jaw soreness when your braces are placed and each time your wires are changed, which can often be relieved with nonprescription pain medication. Warm saltwater rinses can be used to help manage gum tissues that are inflamed.

Are Traditional Braces Covered by Insurance?

Many dental plans offer coverage toward traditional metal braces. At Made Ya Smile Dental, we accept most PPO plans and will contact your provider to learn about your plan's benefits. Orthodontic treatment is something that a large number of families need, and we strive to offer affordable care to help every patient achieve a healthy smile. Our practice accepts several convenient payment methods, including low-interest financing through CareCredit®, and will work with you to help you find a solution that matches your family's needs and your budget.

Traditional Metal Braces FAQ

How long will I have to wear braces?
Most of our patients can expect to wear their braces for 1 – 2 years. However, the duration of your treatment will vary on your specific needs and goals. When you come in to get braces at our Sugar Land, TX office, we will ensure that your treatment is as quick and efficient as possible.

What foods should I avoid when wearing braces?
There are certain food restrictions when you have metal braces. This is to prevent the wires from snapping and the brackets from becoming loose. We will go over what foods are unsafe to eat with braces so you know what to expect. However, some of these foods include:

  • Popcorn
  • Carrots
  • Hard candy
  • Gum
  • Caramel
  • Nuts

Do traditional braces work the same as clear teeth aligners?
Teeth aligners, such as Invisalign® clear aligners, and metal braces work the same in that they both place pressure on the teeth in order to guide them into position. They are different, however, in that clear aligners can be removed when eating, brushing, and flossing. During your consultation, we can help you determine which option is best for your needs and lifestyle.

Traditional Orthodontic Care

A straight and healthy smile can improve your oral health and wellness at any age. Modern traditional metal braces are smaller, lighter, and offer greater comfort while delivering great smile outcomes for patients having a range of orthodontic concerns. A consultation with our dentists can help your family determine if braces are necessary for improving jaw and tooth alignment along with oral function and appearance. Get in touch with our team today to schedule an orthodontic appointment at Made Ya Smile Dental in Sugar Land, TX.

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