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What Are Tooth Extractions?

Our caring team at Made Ya Smile Dental is dedicated to providing personalized, high-quality care for every patient who visits our practice. While we strive to preserve and save natural teeth whenever possible, some situations call for dental removal to improve oral health. Our dentists may recommend a tooth extraction for several types of oral needs, including teeth that are damaged beyond repair, advanced bone loss, impacted teeth, or decayed or abscessed teeth. For children and teens, we may recommend a tooth extraction near you to gently remove retained baby teeth or aid in orthodontic treatment plans.

Our general dentists are highly experienced in extracting teeth while preserving the health of surrounding oral structures. At Made Ya Smile Dental, we perform both simple and surgical tooth extractions in Sugar Land, TX and offer sedation dentistry services to keep you comfortable during your procedure. Even if you need to lose a tooth to improve your oral health, our team is here to make sure your visit is as positive and pleasant as possible. Talk with our caring Sugar Land, TX team today if you or your loved one may need a tooth extraction.

Simple Vs. Surgical Tooth Extraction

Undergoing an extraction near you may be the best way to restore health and comfort to your smile. Depending on the circumstances, a tooth may be removed through a simple or surgical extraction procedure. Simple extractions are performed when a tooth is completely erupted and can be removed from the jaw rather easily with forceps. If teeth are broken at the gumline, unerupted, impacted in bone or gum tissues (such as wisdom teeth), or more difficult to remove, a surgical extraction will be necessary. To perform a surgical extraction, our dentists make an incision in the gums to access the tooth and may need to section it into pieces to fully extract the tooth from the jawbone. We take a gentle and efficient approach to tooth extractions, whether it is simple or surgical, and always place your comfort and safety first throughout the procedure. Contact our team to learn more about getting a tooth pulled near you.

When Is a Tooth Extraction Needed?

A tooth extraction in Sugar Land, TX may be the best treatment option for teeth that absolutely cannot be saved. Our experienced team of general dentists will do everything we can to restore broken, cracked, worn, decayed, and abscessed teeth with fillings or other types of restorations before recommending a tooth extraction. In some cases, however, removing the tooth is the only way to save your oral health. Kids and teens may even benefit from tooth extractions to create space for orthodontic movement or assist in the development of the jaw and eruption of permanent teeth. Our dentists are highly trained in oral surgery procedures and can help you determine if a simple or surgical extraction is right for your oral health.

Our dentists may recommend tooth extractions in the following scenarios:

  • Severely decayed, broken, or worn teeth
  • Abscessed or infected teeth
  • Advanced bone loss around teeth
  • Stubborn baby teeth
  • Orthodontic treatment plans
  • Impacted or problematic wisdom teeth

What Happens During the Tooth Extraction Process?

During your extraction consultation, we can discuss sedation options if you are feeling nervous or anxious about your procedure. When you arrive at our office on the day of your extraction visit, our dentists will administer a local anesthetic to numb the tooth, nerves, gum, and bones in the treatment areas. We will ensure you are fully numb before beginning your extraction. Our team has years of experience and advanced training in removing teeth from the jaw and taking special precautions on surrounding tissues. To remove your tooth, we will use special instruments to gently elevate the tooth from the socket. If necessary, we may make an incision to better access the tooth or section the tooth into smaller pieces to make it easier to remove. In all cases, we take the most conservative approach possible to preserve your oral structures while improving your dental wellness. Sutures may be used to close the extraction site, and instructions will be given to let you know how to care for your mouth following your dental removal procedure.

Recovery After a Tooth Extraction

In the initial days following your tooth extraction in Sugar Land, TX, it is very important to follow our instructions to allow proper healing to take place. You must avoid spitting, drinking through a straw, and smoking until your extraction sites are healed. These activities could cause dry socket, a condition that occurs when the clot covering the bone is dislodged or disrupted. Any swelling in your jaw or face can often be relieved with a cold compress. Antibiotics may be prescribed if your tooth was infected or abscessed. Our dentists may also recommend over-the-counter pain relievers or give you a prescription for pain medication to help keep you as comfortable as possible during the recovery period. We will also provide instructions on how to care for your teeth and gums while you heal.

Please get in touch with our team right away if you have excessive bleeding, severe pain, or other issues that cause concern. To make certain your healing is going as planned, we will schedule a follow-up appointment at our office with our dentists. We can also discuss options on replacing any teeth that have been extracted to enable proper oral function and a natural-looking appearance. It is still important to your oral health to keep up with thorough brushing and flossing techniques at home and maintain routine cleaning and exam visits at Made Ya Smile Dental.

Will Insurance Cover Tooth Extractions?

Simple and surgical exodontia and wisdom teeth removal procedures are typically covered, at least in part, by most dental insurance plans. However, any sedation services may be a personal expense. A member of our business team will contact your provider and review your coverage amounts before your procedure begins. At Made Ya Smile Dental, we want all patients to have access to the quality care they need and offer several convenient payment options to help make your family's dental care affordable. We can also provide information on our in-house financing plans and interest-free payment solutions.

Tooth Extractions FAQ

Will a tooth extraction in Sugar Land, TX hurt?
When you undergo dental removal, we do everything that we can to keep you comfortable. Sedation is offered to keep you relaxed and calm during the procedure. You should feel minimal discomfort, if any at all. You may feel soreness after the procedure, but it won't be unbearable.

What am I allowed to eat and drink after a tooth extraction?
It is recommended that you consume a soft food and liquid diet for at least three days following your tooth extraction in Sugar Land, TX. This can include things like smoothies, applesauce, yogurts, and ice cream. For more information on having a tooth pulled near you, contact our team.

What can I do to make sure my gums heal correctly?
The key to the healing of your gums is time. However, there are steps you can take to help the healing process. Saline water, eating a soft food and liquid diet, or using ice packs to reduce swelling can help. Learn more about getting an extraction near you by contacting our dental team.

Gentle Tooth Removal

Tooth extractions, or dental removal, may be the best treatment option for moving toward better oral health. Our dentists will do everything possible to save a natural tooth. But if you or your family member requires tooth extraction, rest assured you are in good hands with our experienced and caring team. Removing teeth that are infected, impacted, broken, or otherwise harming your smile may be the right move toward achieving improved comfort and health. Made Ya Smile Dental is a full-service practice and offers natural-looking tooth replacement options to help you overcome tooth loss in the best possible way. For more on simple and surgical tooth extractions, contact our team in Sugar Land, TX today.

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