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What is Emergency Dental Care?

Any type of dental emergency requires prompt attention to save your oral health from further damage and restore comfort to your smile. At Made Ya Smile Dental, our team of caring emergency dentists in Sugar Land, TX, has over 30 years of experience in treating all types of dental emergencies, including broken teeth or fillings, loose bridges or crowns, soft tissue injuries, and knocked-out teeth (avulsion). We understand that dental emergencies can cause a great deal of stress and leave time in our daily schedule to accommodate unexpected treatment needs when they arise. If you or a family member has a dental emergency, we strive to see you as soon as possible, typically on the same day.

Whether your dental emergency happens unexpectedly or is the result of a sports injury or accident, our team is here when you need us. We place dental emergencies as a top priority and are highly skilled at providing the efficient, timely care you need to restore your oral health. Even if your emergency occurs after-hours or over the weekend, a member of our team can provide instructions on how to care for your condition until we can meet you at our office for treatment. Please do not wait to seek urgent dental care in Sugar Land, TX, as some emergencies, like knocked-out teeth, require prompt dental care and timely treatment. Contact our Sugar Land, TX family practice right away if a dental emergency has impacted you or a member of your family, and we will get you in to see our dentists as soon as we can.

What Are The Benefits Of Emergency Dental Care?

At Made Ya Smile, we know that dental emergencies can happen to anyone at any time, and we are committed to being there for our patients. It is essential to seek emergency dental care to treat dental injuries to the teeth and gums, such as a knocked-out tooth or the loss of a dental restoration, to prevent serious complications from developing. Some of the most common benefits of emergency dental care include:

  • Pain relief
  • Lowers the risk of infection
  • Lowers risk of tooth loss
  • Improves the appearance of your smile

When do I need care from an emergency dentist?

Dental emergencies can happen at any time and to anyone. We know that dental emergencies often occur on the weekend or outside of business hours and are here to help. If you experience a dental emergency, please contact our emergency dentist in Sugar Land, TX, immediately so we can assess your condition and let you know how to care for your mouth until you can get in to see us. Any injury, trauma, or damage that occurs to your teeth, gums, or jaw should be evaluated by one of our general dentists as soon as possible. Keep in mind, not all dental emergencies result in discomfort or painful symptoms, but it is still important for us to take a look so that we can minimize damage to your mouth. Our dentists treat all types of dental emergencies. Some of the most common types we see include knocked-out or partially knocked-out (extruded) teeth, broken or cracked fillings or teeth, tooth abscesses or infections, injury to the soft tissues or lips, dislodged or loose bridges or crowns, unexplained bleeding, and toothaches or pain that do not resolve. During your emergency, we will work to get you out of pain first and then provide personalized palliative or restorative care to treat your needs.

What Should I Expect With Emergency Dental Care?

At Made Ya Smile Dental, we focus on providing comfort and high-quality care during your dental emergency and will work to minimize your stress and discomfort as quickly as possible. Our team will get you in as soon as possible to see one of our dentists and address your emergency needs. Since each dental emergency varies from the next, we personalize your care and recommend treatments best suited to get you back to health and on with enjoying your smile. We may need to take 3D cone beam scans or digital x-rays of your teeth and jaw to comprehensively understand and treat your dental emergency.

Before providing any type of emergency dental care in Sugar Land, TX, we will present our findings and review your options for treatment with you. In some cases, we may go ahead and provide treatment at the time or take a palliative approach to care and bring you back in once it is appropriate for your health (such as in the case of swelling or infection). Please go to the emergency room right away if you have extreme bleeding or suffer facial, head, or neck trauma. When you heal and your situation is stabilized, we can then address any oral health or cosmetic needs that result from the injury.

What Is the Recovery Like for Emergency Dental Care?

Once our dentists have provided emergency dental care in Sugar Land, TX and assess your situation, we will provide instructions on how to care for your injury and schedule any follow-up treatment. Antibiotic or pain medication may be prescribed to control infection if needed. Our team may also recommend cold compresses or ice packs to help reduce any swelling in the face or jaw. You may also want to stick to a soft food diet until your discomfort subsides and your oral health is stabilized.

Our team may also make suggestions on how to minimize your risk for dental emergencies in the future. Wearing custom-fit athletic mouth guards during sports can greatly reduce the risk of oral injury during physical activity. Avoiding parafunctional habits, like nail-biting, ice chewing, and biting on hard objects, is recommended to lessen the risk of teeth and restorations from chipping or breaking. Following your emergency care, it is also important to ensure you adhere to proper brushing and flossing and schedule routine biannual cleaning and exam visits with our team to support a healthy, comfortable smile.

Does My Insurance Cover Dental Emergencies?

Some dental emergency procedures may be covered by dental insurance. A member of our business team will check your plan specifics and let you know of any personal costs. We know that dental emergencies are unexpected and will work with you to find treatment and payment solutions that fit within your budget. To help make emergency care more affordable, Made Ya Smile Dental accepts several easy payment options, including flexible low- or no-interest financing solutions.

Emergency dental care FAQ

What is considered a dental emergency?
Any extreme discomfort, sudden swelling, or lingering pain in your mouth may be considered a dental emergency. If you have something caught between your teeth that you are unable to get out, you can call our office for urgent dental care in Sugar Land, TX.

What should you do when a tooth gets knocked out?
One of the first things to do, if possible, is to place the tooth back into the socket. This helps to keep the tooth alive. If you are unable to do so, place it in milk to keep it alive until you reach our office for emergency dental care in Sugar Land, TX.

When should a toothache be considered an emergency?
Any toothache that is causing unbearable pain, or one that seems to be consistent all of the time, is when you should reach out to our emergency dentist in Sugar Land, TX. A toothache could be a sign of an underlying problem or infection that needs to be treated. Call our office for more information on how to receive prompt dental treatment.

Receive great dental care quickly

When a dental emergency places your smile at risk, get fast and personalized care from our team at Made Ya Smile Dental. Our dentists have extensive experience in treating all types of dental emergencies and are ready to get your oral health back on track. Whether you have a toothache, broken filling, or knocked-out tooth, prompt care is needed to save your dental health. Get in touch with our Sugar Land, TX family practice right now if a dental emergency has occurred.

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