What Happens If My Dental Implant Gets Infected?

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A dental implant can be worthwhile for your teeth, as an implant will create a natural-looking tooth that goes in a spot where a tooth used to appear. The implant will ensure you won’t lose any more jaw structure and that the surrounding healthy teeth near the implant won’t decay or be at risk of further harm. Our team approach at Made Ya Smile of Sugar Land, TX can help you find a plan for a dental implant that works for you.

You may be concerned about what happens if a dental implant becomes infected. While our approach to preparing an implant for your smile is effective and safe, there is always the potential for an infection to occur. We can help treat a potential infection if it occurs.

How can infection occur?

An infection can occur when bacteria enters the soft tissue surrounding the implant. The bacteria could enter some openings in the gums where the implant appears. The infection could spread to the bone and tissues around the implant site if left untreated. The implant will lose its support base after a while, becoming harder to manage if not handled well enough.

How can you tell you have an infection?

You can tell you have an infection in your dental implant if you notice swelling around the implant site. The gums may appear red or worn in the area.

You may also notice a loose feeling around the implant. The loose sensation could be a sign the infection has impacted the space in the bone where the implant appears.

Pus or blood could start leaking around the implant site. There could also be a dull ache around the area. A fever could even persist in some situations.

You can contact our dentists at Made Ya Smile of Sugar Land, TX if you ever notice any of these problems with your implant. These are signs that you have an infection and that you need to receive care for it right away.

How can you treat an infection?

The treatment necessary for an infected implant will vary surrounding the situation. An antibiotic treatment may be suitable enough in most situations. We can prescribe an antibiotic to help reduce the bacteria in the area and kill off the infection, but it only works when you follow the necessary treatment schedule.

A root canal may also be required for cases where an infection occurs. The root canal is only needed when the condition has become too dramatic to where antibiotics cannot handle it alone.

You may also require a few changes to your brushing routine during the treatment process. You may need to brush more often during the day, or you might have to avoid certain foods for the time being. Anything you can do to avoid problems with your teeth will be worthwhile.

Contact us for help with your dental implants

Our dentists at Made Ya Smile of Sugar Land, TX respect your needs when finding an implant and requiring help with your implant. You can visit our office today to learn more about how our service works. We will be there to help you achieve the smile you deserve and treat whatever concerns you have with your implant if they ever arise.

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