Complications a Dentist May Identify During an Oral Exam

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Routine oral health screenings are a vital factor in maintaining good oral health and addressing certain concerns before they can worsen. At Made Ya Smile Sugar Land, TX, our Sugar Land, TX team of dental care experts suggests yearly exams to find any pre-existing illnesses and puts together an individualized treatment program for your greatest potential results. It is our desire to boost the oral wellness of our patients by identifying signs of dental caries, periodontal disease, or other illnesses. Learn more regarding what transpires at an annual dental exam, as well as the things your dentist watches out for.

3D x-rays are administered to look for underlying issues

Generally administered at the start of a professional exam, 3D x-rays give a more detailed view of your enamel, gums, and jawbone. Our Sugar Land, TX team carefully evaluates the x-rays to detect underlying decay, wisdom teeth eruption, or additional problems with the gums or surrounding structures. Usually, x-rays are performed at least once a year at your comprehensive oral exams at Made Ya Smile Sugar Land, TX. People who are pregnant need to let someone on our oral care staff know before getting x-rays taken so that certain precautions might be taken.

Immediate decay detection is important to elevate your oral health

Known to be an incredibly common oral complication, cavities may lead to the need for an endodontic therapy (root canal) if not fixed as soon as possible. During your dental exam at our Sugar Land, TX facility, one of our trained dentists will closely examine your teeth to locate any areas of damage. In some situations, medical-grade technology might be offered for more effective cavity identification. When a cavity is identified, our dentist may provide composite fillings to safeguard your tooth from additional deterioration.

Have a detailed oral pathology screening

Also done during your oral exam, a cancer screening lets your dentist locate areas of impacted tissue. Often, a dental examination is offered to get a look at your gums, tongue, and roof of your mouth. If necessary, additional tests can be carried out to examine the condition of those areas. A biopsy may be needed to identify any abnormalities and figure out if cancer tissues are present. When advantageous, our skilled oral care team will curate a treatment plan to help improve dental wellness.

Preserve the health of your teeth and schedule a dental exam as soon as you can

To boost the health and appearance of your enamel, dental exams need to be attended a minimum of one time annually. If an illness is taken care of soon, it might decrease you needing invasive services later on. Our team at Made Ya Smile Sugar Land, TX is excited to perform comprehensive dental exams for our patients of all age ranges. Get in touch with our Sugar Land, TX practice to find out more information and to schedule your professional dental evaluation with our qualified dental professionals.

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