Reasons Why Restoring Gaps In The Smile Is Essential For Your Oral Wellness

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Restoring lost teeth is essential for your oral and general wellness, whether you've experienced tooth loss for some time or are now facing a tooth removal. Our experienced team of dentists at Made Ya Smile Sugar Land, TX often replace missing teeth for patients and talk to every man and woman (or, occasionally, adolescents) to determine the ideal method of tooth replacement. Our team hopes that this article provides some understanding of the necessity of replacing lost teeth. We encourage Sugar Land, TX individuals to arrange a consultation with our team to discover more about their restoration options.

Missing teeth is a common oral wellness issue and might impact people of all ages. Some of the most typical causes of tooth loss among Sugar Land, TX individuals comprise:

  • Dental or cranial injury
  • Sports trauma
  • Accidents
  • Severe tooth decay
  • Far-along gum disease
  • Serious tooth cracks
  • Broken tooth roots
  • Difficult tooth infections
  • Last-minute tooth removals

Missing even one tooth can lead to a diverse range of dental wellness impacts, challenges, and future problems. Replacing a tooth after a dental extraction or tooth loss is necessary for a number of reasons. Potentially the scariest part of missing a tooth, at least at first, is the impact it will have on the appearance of the smile. However, teeth serve more purposes than to be the focus point of your smile; they also allow for normal mouth function. Apart from allowing for comfortable eating and speaking, teeth also help to preserve the appearance of the face. Missing teeth could prompt your cheeks to sink inward, which can make a person look older than their true age.

If a tooth is lost, the surrounding teeth could eventually gravitate toward the hole. These changes in tooth positioning might substantially affect how the upper and lower teeth come together while biting and chewing. An imbalanced bite could lead to other problems, such as dental tenderness, jaw joint issues, periodontal recession, and compromised tooth enamel, among others. Each of the changes that affect the mouth and dental health can influence an individual's capability of enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Tooth loss might also have a negative emotional effect. For a large number of Sugar Land, TX patients, losing a tooth might have a dramatic impact on how they feel when it comes to their smiles. Tooth replacement performed by a team of talented dental experts, like those at Made Ya Smile Sugar Land, TX, could allow patients to feel good about the way they look and their dental health.

At Made Ya Smile Sugar Land, TX, the friendly staff is pleased to offer custom-crafted, affordable appliances (for instance, dentures, dental implants, and bridges) for tooth substitution. A single appliance made up of two or more dental crowns that are combined, dental bridges can take the place one to several lost teeth from the same area of the mouth. As another option, dental implants are used to replace lost teeth in any number and comprise a metal screw that combines with the jawbone. A customized restoration, including a crown, bridge, or full-arch denture, is then put on top of the screw. Dental implants are popular because of their many advantages and the reliable support they bring to the replacement of teeth. Akin to fixed implants, dentures could also be used to replace anything from a couple of missing teeth to an entire arch; the only difference is that dentures can be removed. Partial dentures are given in the event that there are teeth still present in an arch, while full dentures let people address the complete loss of top or bottom teeth.

Replacing lost teeth, regardless of the reason for your tooth loss, is important for the visual appeal of your smile, oral health, and total well-being. Regardless of how long you've been missing teeth, or whether you need a dental removal, our professionals at Made Ya Smile Sugar Land, TX are excited to offer efficient options to let you conquer tooth loss. For those who want to discover more about removable or fixed dentures, dental implants, and detachable or implant-retained bridges, contact our talented team in Sugar Land, TX today and schedule your appointment.

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