How to Prepare For Dental Implant Surgery

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A dental implant surgery is a great opportunity for you to restore your smile. You can replace any old or missing teeth in your smile with new dental crowns that look realistic while also anchoring to your jaw line. An implant will protect your gum and jaw tissues from deteriorating, ensuring the rest of your smile will stay safe. You can ask our dentists at Made Ya Smile of Sugar Land, TX for details on how dental implant surgery works and how you can benefit from our dental services.

You’ll need to prepare for the surgical procedure to ensure your implant will successfully work and that we can place it in the right spot. Here are some steps you can follow to prepare well for your dental implant surgery.

Undergo a thorough exam

You’ll require a complete exam of your smile to help you see how well a dental implant can work. We can complete a digital scan of your jaw bone and gums to see if they are healthy. We can also identify if you will require a bone graft before we can start working on your implant.

Prepare your body

You’ll need to keep your body ready for the surgical procedure before we can start. We will request that you stop consuming alcohol or tobacco products in the days following your surgery, as these activities can inhibit your body’s ability to recover.

We may also provide you with antibiotics before we can start. Antibiotics are necessary when there’s an infection or excess bacteria in your teeth and gums. You’ll need to complete the entire antibiotics course to ensure your smile will stay healthy.

You can also talk with us at Made Ya Smile about whatever medications you are taking. Patients who take blood thinners may especially be at risk of harm, but we can discuss a plan for changing your medication routine before our visit to help you improve how well you can handle the work.

Avoid eating before the procedure

Another point we will require of you at Made Ya Smile of Sugar Land is to avoid eating for at least twelve hours before the surgery. Since anesthesia will be utilized in the effort, you’ll need to fast for twelve hours to reduce the risk of uptake or discomfort during the procedure.

Expect some downtime for recovery

You will need a few days of downtime after the procedure to allow your smile to recover. Be sure you plan a ride home from our office beforehand, as you will likely not be capable of safely driving back home after the procedure. You can expect to spend about two to three days recovering after the initial surgery to ensure any pains or irritation from the procedure can subside.

Visit our website to learn how dental implants can work

When you make the right preparations for your dental implant surgery, you’ll ensure your mouth can handle the procedure well and without risk. Visit our website at Made Ya Smile of Sugar Land for more details on how our dental implant services work. You can also schedule your initial visit for services with us online.

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