Can Lumineers® Become Stained?

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Lumineers® are considered the gold standard in veneer treatments because they are ultra-thin and don’t require any enamel trimming before they are installed. Lumineers are ideal for patients who want something that looks natural that will cover slight tooth imperfections, such as gaps and minor crookedness. Our dentists at Made Ya Smile Sugar Land of Sugar Land, TX offer Lumineers for all our patients looking to transform their smiles.

One of the questions we get a lot about Lumineers is the possibility of staining over time. The good news is that Lumineers are less likely to be stained than your natural enamel because of the nonporous porcelain material.

How are Lumineers prepared?

Lumineers are made with sturdy porcelain materials about 0.2 mm thick, which is about as thick as a contact lens. The slim design allows you to receive this cover without requiring any enamel trimming beforehand.

Lumineers take about one to two weeks to prepare before it goes over your tooth. The extra time to prepare is necessary because the porcelain compound needs to be sized and shaped well to fit over your tooth. The porcelain compound is also dense and requires plenty of effort to trim and shape. The goal is to provide a comfortable veneer that fits well over your tooth while keeping the supporting tooth intact.

The porcelain keeps staining from being a problem

The porcelain compound used in the Lumineers we offer at Made Ya Smile Sugar Land is nonporous, meaning it will not absorb outside particles. While your natural enamel features many pores that can collect compounds that will cause staining over time, porcelain is made up of a denser material that is not susceptible to staining.

The porcelain compound comes from natural compounds blended and heated at intense temperatures. The pressure created from those temperatures will close any possible pores or openings in the porcelain compound, making it smooth and comfortable. This ensures the potential for your Lumineer to become stained will be minimal.

Regular dental care is still necessary

While the odds of a Lumineer becoming stained are minimal, you must still be cautious. You will need to brush and floss your teeth daily to protect your Lumineers, especially after consuming any staining foods or liquids, such as coffee, tea, wine, soda, berries, beets, etc. You can also visit us at Made Ya Smile every six months for a routine cleaning and inspection.

Be sure to avoid applying excess pressure on your Lumineer, as increased stress can cause the surface to crack or wear. The thinner design of a Lumineer makes it more vulnerable to stress, so proper care for your veneer is critical to ensuring it remains safe.

Contact our dentists in Sugar Land, TX to learn how Lumineers can transform your smile

You will love how well Lumineers can help you keep your teeth looking their best and they are less likely to experience staining than your natural teeth. Our dentists at Made Ya Smile of Sugar Land can help you find a smart treatment plan for Lumineers you are bound to love. Visit our website to learn more about our work and schedule a visit.

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